"My school"

My school
Ilaria (V Class, age 10)
Hi dear friends,
Hello! How are you?
I love my school! It is very beautiful, the teachers are fantastic! scuola3.jpg
My favourite subject are ICT, English and Maths.
In the ICT classroom we have many computers black and white. The ICT classroom is big, there are desks, chairs, nine windows and two printers.
The computers are four desktops and two notebooks.
In the ICT classroom there is one trolley to carry a computer, a printer and a projector in others classrooms.
My school is in a small country. I like my country!!
Bye Bye!!!

Marco (V Class, age 10)
Hi dear friends,
My school is great!
My school is very beautiful because here we do many experiences, for example: archeocooking, argheology labaratories, chess lessons…


My school is pluriclasse and so we are in the same classroom with III and IV classes.
My favourite room is my classroom because is very simpatic and is very colourated.
I love my school and I'm sad because next year I’ll go to new school, but ....
I like English, ICT, History, Maths, Science, Geometry and Music, but I don't like Italian and Geography.
English is all days, ICT is on Wednesday, History is on Tuesday, Maths is all days, Science is on Friday, Geometry is on Tuesday, Music on Wednesday, Italian is  all days and Geography is on Thursday.
Bye bye!

Nicole (V Class, age 10)
My school is very nice, I have a lot of friends whit me; it’s great and it isn't big or small, is medium; because there are few students in every class, we have multi-classes: 1*-2* and 3*-4*-5*  and so two or three classes in the same classroom.
My school is in a mountain village, on 688 metres of altitude.scuola2.jpg
My teachers are four: t. Lauretta t. Giuseppina t. Ilaria and t. Stefania (she is also my mom); there are a lot of specialists too: Anthony for music lessons, Fabio for chess lessons, Narayana for archeological excavations, Marino for archeo-cooking.
In my school there are four classroom: 1*-2*,  3*-4*-5*, laboratory room, ICT classroom and there are also a school canteen, a gym and three bathrooms: one for girls, one for boys and one for teachers.
I like ICT, History, English, Sport, Maths, Music, Geometry; I don't like Geography and I don't like, but not too many, Science.
My favourite teachers are Lauretta and Giuseppina: the teachers of maths and Italian. Maths and Italian classes are every day.
I like my school very much because is on a mountain in a very green place.
I love my school!

Andrei e Francesco (IV Class, age 9)
Our school is beautiful!!!!!
The garden is big; there are many toys: slide, sandbox, toy houses... scuola1.jpg
There is also a sitting room, where we usually have physical education classes. In computer room there are seven computers, some are new and some are old. The walls are white and there many pictures.
There are a lot of small desks and a lot of windows.
We like Sport and Music.
Sport is on Monday, Music is on Wednesday, English is on Monday, ICT is in Fryday, History is on Tuesday, Geography  is on Wednesday, Science is on Fridey, Art and Italian are every day.
We like Sport, but we don’t like Geography.
Our favourite teacher is Stefania.
Bye for now
Francesco and Andrei.

Ettore (IV Class, age 9)
How are you?
My school is beautiful and great! My favourite classroom is I.C.T. laboratory. The classroom of I.C.T. is beautiful.
It has six computers and five broken computers .
The walls are white and there are many pictures.
There are a lot of desks.
I love my school. I like English, Sport and Music, but I don’t like History and Geography .

The gym
The school canteen

English is every day, Sport on Monday, History on Wednesday and Geography on Thursday.
Bye , bye!

Gabriele (IV Class, age 9)
Hi friends,
My school is great! It is small, but beautiful!
Our school is PLURICLASSE.
My favourite room is ICT classroom.
The classroom of ICT is very beautiful!
It has six computers and other five computers are broken.
The walls are white and many pictures.
In the classroom there are many windows.laboratorioICT1.jpg
The ICT classroom
The mobile work station

My school is very,very,very great and beautiful!
I like ICT and English.
ICT is on Monday and English is on Monday and Friday.
I like sport, but I don’t like math.
Sport is on Monday.
BYE FOR NOW!        

Irene (IV Class, age 9)
My school is small, but the garden of my school is  beautiful! It is very big and green.


In front  of  a my school I'm  very small!!!   
I'm happy in the classroom of  computers because I like it very much.
I like ICT and English. ICT is on Monday and English is on Thursday. I like also Art and Sport, but I don’t like science. Art is on Friday.

Luana (IV Class, age 9)
Hi friends,
My school si very beautiful and small. My favorite subject are  ICT and Music.
ICT is on Monday and Music is on Wednesday.

“The Christmas Songs”
(Annual musical performance)

I like English, but I don't  like geography.
In the ICT classroom we have many black computers.
The ICT classroom si very big, there are many desks, chairs, windows and two printers.
The computers are: four desktops and two notebooks.
I love my school!!!
Bye for now!! :)

Riccardo (IV Class, age 9)
My school is very beautiful!!!
My classroom is fantastic.in_classe.jpg
In classroom for  ICT there are nine computer.
The school has a big garden.
The subject are: math, Italian, English, history, geography.
My favourite subject is ICT and Mats.
ICT is on Monday and Thursday, Mats every day.
Riccardo :)

Sara (IV Class, age 9)
Hi friends,
my school is very great !!!!!!! It is School 2.0 that is the technological school.
My favourite project is “BYOD: Bring Your Own Device” that is to bring one computer or tablet or netbook at school to work.


My favourite classroom is classroom of computers: it is very beautiful!!!!
My favourite school subjects are ICT, science and english.
I don’t like italian and maths.
My favourite teacher is teacher STEFANIA, she is very nice!!!!!!!
Bye bye!

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