venerdì 28 ottobre 2016

A post from a very special guest: Bart Munnecom (Un post da un ospite speciale: Bart Munnecom)

Hello children, teachers and parents,

My name is Bart Munnecom and in 2011 I had the oppertunity to visit Scuole Borgo Antico M.S.M. Tibernina for the first time. I spent a day here meeting wonderful children and Italian collegues. I introduced back then cooperativ learning. Children had to make plans for a funpark in the mountains. I really enjoyed this day and stay then.

Now in 2016 I am back and I have had a wonderfull stay again. Being part of such lovely community is being BENE. I attended the Archeloic museum made by the children. Lovely to see how children are working all together in a project about archelogisit. In this way it really meaniful and they learn a lot about it.

Then i was in the English class of Stefania. A nice method and I really think the children can expres themselves in a good way in English. I am jealous when i see thing like this. After a good lunch, grazie for the cook and Giuseppina😘, we took a walk through the forrest. In the last time i was in kindergarden and played English music and discussed education with Emanuele.
Grazie Scuole Borgo Antico . . . I will hope to be back soon with a special guest.

Grazie Mile,

Bart Munnecom

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